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Maya Pyramide Uxmal – Yucatan

Uxmal sind die Überbleibsel/Ruinen von Pyramiden einer ehemals grossen und kulturell bedeutenden Stadt der Mayas ca 80km von Mérida entfernt. Die Stätte wird von der Pyramide des Zauberers dominiert, welche ungleich der typischen Maya-Pyramiden nicht eckig sondern abgerundet fertiggestellt wurde – Sinn und Zweck war es, die Tempel einzumauern und nicht zu zeigen.



die weiteren Tempel waren oft mit dem Antlitz des Regengottes Chak verziert, weil in Uxmal der Regen die einzige Wasserquelle  war.


Picture taken at the so called ‘Kodak-spot’




Cochinita pipil

Eine typische Yucatecan Spezialität. pipil = unter der Erde gekocht. Obwohl wie das heutzutage funktioniert ist mir ein Rätsel. Denn wenn die das alles so in den Restaurants kochen würde, sähe man glaub ich einen riesigen Acker hinter jedem Haus. Das Gericht ist langsam gegartes ergo super zartes Schweinefleisch, das komplett zerfällt, so dass man eigentlich kein Messer braucht um es zu essen. Es wird serviert mit Tortillas, Bohnensauce, konfierten Zwiebeln und Peperonis. Zum Essen macht man davon Päckli ähnlich wie wir zu Hause Fajitas essen. Ein Leckerbissen der Sonderklasse… obwohl es nicht danach aussieht. Definitiv a must try in Yucatan, weshalb dieses Gericht es auch ohne grössere Umschweife zum Meal of the week schafft. Muchas gracias Leo!

VW Escarabajo oder auf gut Deutsch VW Käfer

Hier in Merida tummeln sie sich noch auf der Strasse, einige sehr gut unterhalten und andere fast am auseinanderfallen. Aber eines haben sie alle gemeinsam, alle werden sie noch gefahren… wie das einte oder andere Modell die MFK passieren würde, ist mir ein Rätsel. Aber das muss ja nicht heute denn es gibt auch noch manana….



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Cenote adventure in Tunkas

Before i arrived in Merida, Leo asked me if i would like to go to see sinkholes…  my first answer was ‘what is that’ .. after googling it i definitely wanted to see this.

Here a quick description: A cenote is a sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. In the Yucatan Peninsula cenotes were sometimes used by the ancient Maya for sacrificial offerings – nowadays rather an attraction for tourists and locals for swimming or cave diving. The word has its origin from the Yucatec Maya ‘Ts’onot’ which refers to location with accessible groundwater.

What we were not aware when we set off in the morning was the fact that the trip to the cenote would be quite an adventurous one due to the fact that we didn’t pick a touristy cenote but a rather unknown one.

So as we entered the small village Tunkas, we started to ask the people if they knew where the cenote is. They shook heads and said we would have to go to the ‘Palacio’. Once arrived at the Palacio which i think was the ‘Municipality’ we asked again and then they told us to wait. Shortly afterwards Don Miguel materialised himself in front of our car and said he will take us there. So he got on the car and off we went. After asking him if it is far.. he meant oooh ‘lejocito’ solo unos 4 km… but the road was not really a road..


we drove through the bushes, over rocks, through small water pools, drove over an already dead rattle snake…(Don Miguel wanted to double check this!)


the girls preferred to stay in the car during the snake checking!!!!!!


Then suddenly he said ‘estamos aqui’ ok…. we don’t see anything but we parked, and followed Don Miguel. And then all of a sudden we saw this supernatural sheer blue colored waterwhole with meter high roots of the trees that were growing out of it up to the surface.


In order to access the cenote, we had to climb down with the help of a liana and through a short dark cave where on the other end unveiled the view of the denote….. a bit spooky.


The water was clear blue and if you had goggles i think you could look down many many meters as the water is crystal clear due to consisting of groundwater/rainwater with almost no sediments. Therefore we could observe rays of sunlight making its way down the water in turquoise stripes almost like painted by laser pointers.





This city in Yucatan, Mexico is a beauty in its own league. Showing off with the colourful colonial style houses lining the streets and Leo my roomie from Cusco is hard to beat 🙂 It was a city to explore but also to relax, to get all my beauty appointments sorted out… ready for the next leg of my trip. Yes i can proudly say i dared to have my eyelashes died in a latinamerican country and it worked out perfectly even though i assume they don’t have to do this even once a week…. seen any Mexicans with blond eyelashes!!??


I will also remember Merida as the city where people (actually men) were repeatedly starting to talk to me… one wanted even to start discussing with me the reason why the german part of Switzerland was saying yes to the immigration stop law about which we voted back at the beginning of the year and then also about misbehaving of young Europeans that travel around in Mexico… jeeze…. yes i am blond and yes i am 30cm taller than most of the other people and thus stick out of the crowd and yes you can try to sell me tours or whatever as i know i look like a tourist but please leave me alone with such discussions!!


Navigating around in the city was quite easy as the streets are in a clear block pattern like Manhattan so if you have half way an idea where you are it is perfect to explore with the help of the compass (yes i keep using it!). Also better because if i stop at a corner to study the map 5 Mexicans (sorry Leo) would immediately jump on me offering their services as tour guide and would also happily join me for a coffee or lunch. Luckily i could always say… ‘sorry i am just about to meet my friend’ …ah you have a friend here – is she from Merida?  Yes she is… aahhhaaaaaa   ha ha ha



und täglich grüsst das Murmeltier und manchmal sogar zweimal…

Ich bin jetzt seit gefühlten 2 Tagen unterwegs… in Tokio am 12.10. um 17:25h abgeflogen und in Mexico am 12.10. um 13.55h gelandet… also über die Datumsgrenze geflogen und so kann ich den 12.10. nochmals voll geniessen… und ja die charmanten Mexikaner helfen auch ein bisschen… der Zollbeamte war total verwirrt als ich an der Reihe war und er meinte dann ‘disculpe usted es muy guapa’… war mir gerade egal dass das nicht ehrlich gemeint war… denn niemand sieht guapa aus nach 13h Flug (davon habe ich wohl etwa 1h geschlafen) zzzzZZZZZ

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