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This city in Yucatan, Mexico is a beauty in its own league. Showing off with the colourful colonial style houses lining the streets and Leo my roomie from Cusco is hard to beat 🙂 It was a city to explore but also to relax, to get all my beauty appointments sorted out… ready for the next leg of my trip. Yes i can proudly say i dared to have my eyelashes died in a latinamerican country and it worked out perfectly even though i assume they don’t have to do this even once a week…. seen any Mexicans with blond eyelashes!!??


I will also remember Merida as the city where people (actually men) were repeatedly starting to talk to me… one wanted even to start discussing with me the reason why the german part of Switzerland was saying yes to the immigration stop law about which we voted back at the beginning of the year and then also about misbehaving of young Europeans that travel around in Mexico… jeeze…. yes i am blond and yes i am 30cm taller than most of the other people and thus stick out of the crowd and yes you can try to sell me tours or whatever as i know i look like a tourist but please leave me alone with such discussions!!


Navigating around in the city was quite easy as the streets are in a clear block pattern like Manhattan so if you have half way an idea where you are it is perfect to explore with the help of the compass (yes i keep using it!). Also better because if i stop at a corner to study the map 5 Mexicans (sorry Leo) would immediately jump on me offering their services as tour guide and would also happily join me for a coffee or lunch. Luckily i could always say… ‘sorry i am just about to meet my friend’ …ah you have a friend here – is she from Merida?  Yes she is… aahhhaaaaaa   ha ha ha



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