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music of my trip…

here a few songs that followed me while travelling! not that i particularly liked all of them too much but let’s say they were either played constantly wherever i was or i had a great ‘singing time’ in the car along with them. unfortunately, when in china i had no clue about shazam, so this only starts in japan. actually i have here a song which i added in china but it is not chinese…but i somehow really like it:







my energy song to get up in the morning



i would call this the Japanese Eros Ramazotti 🙂



this one hit me hard after landing in LatinAmerica – think it’s the song of the year, thus no way to leave this one out. and actually i start to like it more and more… really hated it in the beginning. somehow the way he sings reminds me of the songs of his father which my mum used to listen to in the old days.



this funky tango sound i heard first time in Iguazu.. absolutely love it.



this one is from Salta… probably one of the best things i found in this city 😉



this one heard on the radio while escaping from Salta to Cafayate. Feeling free in the car – i sang along it sooooo loud! Not that it is a really good song but somehow like it!



and here the uruguay collection… seems they only play love songs on the radio… or chat at length about pollo as asado, pollo con arroz, other commercials… hate it. thus here the ones that are NOT too bad 🙂





plus a few all time travelling favourites – a list that begins nowhere and doesn’t end anywhere:














VierblĂ€ttrige KleeblĂ€tter gibt es ĂŒberall…..

IMG_5536in Rocha Uruguay

IMG_5639in Tokyo

Itsukushima Jinja (chief shinto shrine) on Miyajima

Again a sight which has been added to the UNESCO world heritage ‘collection’ i need to look how many of them are in Japan – i think we have passed already a few of them (also in China.)
 The first shrine buildings on Miyajima had been erected in the 6th century. The present version dates from mid 16th century. Thus it is either by co-incidence or not that it is about 16m high and truly impressive if the sun intensifies the bright color. The view of the gate with the island’s Mt. Misen in the back is allegedly one of the ‘three views of Japan’. The difficult part of this sight is actually only the tide – besides the fact to first figure out which train you have to take – because the nicest it looks at high tide. On the day of our visit, hight tide was at 07:00h, thus we made it there around 10:15h which was just ok.. but water was already drifting away. Still we managed to make pictures without anybody walking on the beach and without all the seaweed. Instead we could include a newly married couple in our ‘shots’.




The name of Hiroshima means wide island. However it got much more to it than just being situated on the largest island of Japan. A landmark in the history of the WW2 had been written in this city….. as it was the first city being targeted by an atomic bomb called ‘little boy’. Only a hand full buildings survived this detonation where 80% of the city had been destroyed and 90,000 people killed immediately. As a consequence the  city had been rebuilt from scratch. Most probably due to that the city has not this charm of an ancient city….

One of the most famous persons of Hiroshima is undoubtedly Sadako Sasaki who died from leukaemia which was referred to an after atomic bomb decease by her mother. Sadako is remembered through the story of a  thousand origami cranes before her death which is to this day a symbol of the innocent victims of war.

origami phoenix i remembrance for the little girl

origami phoenix in remembrance for the little girl

One of the most famous buildings of Hiroshima is for sure the atomic bomb dome which used to be an exhibition hall for art and educational purposes. Now it still stands for educational purposes in the form of the the Hiroshima Peace Memorial reminding every visitor the cruelty of war.


a collection of the best of the rest of Japan…

vierblĂ€ttriges Kleeblatt, klavertje vier, quadrifoglio, four leaved clover, quadrifoliĂ©

even i was surprised…. but they are really everywhere… you just have to pay attention!

Tokyo Skytree, Senso-ji, Meiji-jingu

Gestern und heute habe ich noch die letzten Touri-highlights von Tokyo abgeklappert…  der Skytree ist mit einer Gesamthöhe von 634m weltweit das 2. höchste GebĂ€ude (Platz 1 ist Burj el arab). Das tolle war, dass ich um dorthinzukommen, wieder mal die gesamte Palette der Tokioter Verkehrsbetriebe in Anspruch genommen habe… unglaublich, aber es gibt etwa 5 verschiedene und die Tickets sind nur teilweise kompatibel… einfach brav Tickets kaufen ha ha. Aber der Ausblick von der 450m Plattform ist atemberaubend!


Senso-ji, der meist besuchte Temple Tokios… ja das habe ich auch bemerkt, als ich ankam… konnte keine vernĂŒnftigen Photos mehr machen.. ĂŒberall Menschen welche durch das ‘Kaminari-mon’ (Thunder Gate) reinspazieren….



ein bisschen RĂ€ucherstĂ€bli abflammen ist immer eine gute Sache…… man sieht dann die Menschenmasse auch etwas weniger gut ha ha



links unten wĂ€re noch die 5 stöckige Pagoda, man sieht jetzt halt nur 3 davon…. dafĂŒr keine Touris 🙂



Meiji-jingu: Tokios grĂ¶ĂŸter Schrein mit einem kleine Park welcher dem Kaiser Meiji gewidmet wurde. Heute dient er den Leuten als Naherholungsoase benĂŒtzen…










Kawaguchi-ko – 2 day cycling around Mt. Fuji (apparently)

We looked so much forward to this cycling tour around Mt. Fuji, but Typhoon No. 18 faded a bit too slowly and so the didn’t even catch a glimps of Fuji-San while surrounding it with the bikes.

Anyway the trip bared otherwise some funny moments, for example the Japanese style room we had at the Kawaguchi-ko Station Inn (a premium hotel…. 😉  kind of Jugi-style but with an Onsen on the top floor which was quite ok). However when getting into the room it is kind of funny if you only see a coffee table and nothing else. Not to mention all the ‘Pantoffel-terror’ before you actually manage to get into your room ha ha… in the toilet we even had wodden flip-flops… the click clock did for sure remind you not to leave the toilet with them – can be an advantage…



then next was – in Kawaguchi-ko is last order in the restaurants around 19:30h. So as we had the hand over of the bikes etc. upon arrival we had exactly 20 mins to find the place in the pitch dark village (hardly no streetlights) without a map and the restaurants with their names only written in Japanese. Of course we didn’t find the one intended to go to – but it was a kind of survival tour, either we get something now or we will have to go to the supermarket and eat crisps… so then better stay in the one where they said they ‘re-open’ the kitchen (they were busy cleaning the kitchen when we arrived!) So that day was the Sushi day. Sushi for lunch and Sushi for dinner…. hmm a bit a lot of cold fish but it was delicious and accompanied with the Shogun Movie on the TV it was really funny… clear case where Tarantino gathered his inspiration for Kill Bill from.. ha ha



(eeeh better don’t show this pic to the Sushi class teacher…)

In the morning we got off with the bikes in our brand new Japan Cycling shirts full of hope to see Mt. Fuji – but nope. First day was pretty easy around 500m ascent and approx. 80km. So we arrived quite quickly at the other place Fujinomiya where the dinner quest got repeated (just with the difference that i was convinced we will find this restaurant from Tripadvisor…. forget it – it was the Korean BBQ by the station in the end which was actually pretty good!)

Day 2 was the tougher one… 1500m ascent on a distance of approx 80km. Clearly we needed a decent lunch when doing such serious cycling 😉



hmmm i know, there are so many food pics of the whole Japan holiday… but Japanese food is outstanding and you always have so much time to take pictures during a meal. Again from cycling some funny go pro’s if i only could upload them. looking forward to staying again in some hostels in Southamerica… maybe there somebody can help me. These are the places where you learn all sorts of things!






Voltaren….. hoffentlich nicht lost in translation!!

Die Voltarensalbe ist schon fertig und die Ferien noch nicht…. aber es gibt sie auch in Japan. Die Dame im Shop packte zielstrebig diese Verpackung und streckte sie mir hin (und siehe da, es steht sogar noch ganz klein oben drauf).  Bin schon gespannt – vielleicht riecht sie ja nach Wasabi!

Aux amis des vins Ă  Tokyo

I have to admit once in a while it is nice to have some western food… or better said… finally a good glass of wine! Friday evening was a candidate for it and i enjoyed every sip and every bite….. entrecĂŽte, cheese, du vin rouge 🙂

p.s. i think this name is grammatically not correct – but it is the correct name of the place!



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