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Cenote adventure in Tunkas

Before i arrived in Merida, Leo asked me if i would like to go to see sinkholes…  my first answer was ‘what is that’ .. after googling it i definitely wanted to see this.

Here a quick description: A cenote is a sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. In the Yucatan Peninsula cenotes were sometimes used by the ancient Maya for sacrificial offerings – nowadays rather an attraction for tourists and locals for swimming or cave diving. The word has its origin from the Yucatec Maya ‘Ts’onot’ which refers to location with accessible groundwater.

What we were not aware when we set off in the morning was the fact that the trip to the cenote would be quite an adventurous one due to the fact that we didn’t pick a touristy cenote but a rather unknown one.

So as we entered the small village Tunkas, we started to ask the people if they knew where the cenote is. They shook heads and said we would have to go to the ‘Palacio’. Once arrived at the Palacio which i think was the ‘Municipality’ we asked again and then they told us to wait. Shortly afterwards Don Miguel materialised himself in front of our car and said he will take us there. So he got on the car and off we went. After asking him if it is far.. he meant oooh ‘lejocito’ solo unos 4 km… but the road was not really a road..


we drove through the bushes, over rocks, through small water pools, drove over an already dead rattle snake…(Don Miguel wanted to double check this!)


the girls preferred to stay in the car during the snake checking!!!!!!


Then suddenly he said ‘estamos aqui’ ok…. we don’t see anything but we parked, and followed Don Miguel. And then all of a sudden we saw this supernatural sheer blue colored waterwhole with meter high roots of the trees that were growing out of it up to the surface.


In order to access the cenote, we had to climb down with the help of a liana and through a short dark cave where on the other end unveiled the view of the denote….. a bit spooky.


The water was clear blue and if you had goggles i think you could look down many many meters as the water is crystal clear due to consisting of groundwater/rainwater with almost no sediments. Therefore we could observe rays of sunlight making its way down the water in turquoise stripes almost like painted by laser pointers.




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