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Chevy ‘NON’-spark !

well i was making fun of little Chevy non-spark since i am driving around with it. Unfortunately today was sparky’s revenge. While I enjoyed a fabulous lunch at La Huella (remember in Uruguay dice: La Huescha) it feels to me like the beach version of Chez Vrony in Zermatt Sparky secretly emptied his battery (because i forgot to switch off the light!). So he was finally what i kept calling him ever since: Chevy NON-spark!! Luckily there was a old man organising the parking and he sent a guy to come and ‘bridge’ it within less than 5 minutes. Day saved – zum Glück isch Friitig!!


a must have T-Shirt


yes the pic is not really a piece of art.. but selfies remain a difficult task and sometimes they just don’t want to turn out well. Anyway think the t-shirt is absolutely fashionABLE (gäll Karen)!

Churrasco mit Götti

mjaaammmmm mjammmm



vierblättriges Kleeblatt, klavertje vier, quadrifoglio, four leaved clover, quadrifolié

even i was surprised…. but they are really everywhere… you just have to pay attention!

Aux amis des vins à Tokyo

I have to admit once in a while it is nice to have some western food… or better said… finally a good glass of wine! Friday evening was a candidate for it and i enjoyed every sip and every bite….. entrecôte, cheese, du vin rouge 🙂

p.s. i think this name is grammatically not correct – but it is the correct name of the place!



ab in die Berge!!!!

Juhuuuuu mit dem Super Azusa raus aus Tokio und mit dem Highland Shuttle ab in die Berge.


suebluesky goes warrior on Xi’an city wall

nicht mehr die einzige Swiss Miss in Shanghai….

…fühl mich gerade wie zu Hause…

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