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Nishi-Itoya mountain lodge

The simple Nishi-Itoya mountain lodge built in the 1920ies turned out to be the perfect fit for us. It is run by 2 elder gentlemen who are neither distant nor introvert, make everything they can so that their guests feel home. First important step was taking off the shoes and slip in a pair of leather slippers that were waiting for us not to be mistaken with the separate pair (in pink!!) to be used in the toilet…. unfortunately Yvo managed to wear them to come down to the lobby…later in the evening! It seems that nobody realised it or maybe just we didn’t ha ha

IMG_1370 IMG_1368
















(sorry pics are a bit dark… but think i need to share them with you anyway.. ha ha)

After having taken a long bath in the Onsen, we got dressed in our kimonos and headed down for our first very Japanese dinner consisting of a large variety of different dishes both cold and hot, sashimi as well as an entire fish…(we didn’t eat the head though), noodle soup, tempura and god knows what all the other things were – we had sometimes no idea what was placed in front of us. However it was absolutely delicious. The Japanese Kaiseki kitchen is an amazing experience.


Breakfast was a bit a tough start as it was also Japanese – however seeing what the western breakfast looked like, we were happy to continue with Japanese.… better to eat what they know how to cook. Also whether you eat grilled or smoked salmon – hey what’s the difference! Also some nice steamed rice tastes for sure better than average bread.

A challenge though bared the bento box which was intended for our lunch during the hike. The rice balls were fine but the cold tempura and the cold fried fish and shrimps plus some other items we couldn’t identify didn’t tempt us really. So, we opted for the rice balls with some apples, mandarines and cookies which we also brought with us. Always good to have a plan b).


Nishi-Itoya lodge a truly travelicious experience in the Japanese Zermatt!



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