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The name of Hiroshima means wide island. However it got much more to it than just being situated on the largest island of Japan. A landmark in the history of the WW2 had been written in this city….. as it was the first city being targeted by an atomic bomb called ‘little boy’. Only a hand full buildings survived this detonation where 80% of the city had been destroyed and 90,000 people killed immediately. As a consequence the  city had been rebuilt from scratch. Most probably due to that the city has not this charm of an ancient city….

One of the most famous persons of Hiroshima is undoubtedly Sadako Sasaki who died from leukaemia which was referred to an after atomic bomb decease by her mother. Sadako is remembered through the story of a  thousand origami cranes before her death which is to this day a symbol of the innocent victims of war.

origami phoenix i remembrance for the little girl

origami phoenix in remembrance for the little girl

One of the most famous buildings of Hiroshima is for sure the atomic bomb dome which used to be an exhibition hall for art and educational purposes. Now it still stands for educational purposes in the form of the the Hiroshima Peace Memorial reminding every visitor the cruelty of war.


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