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sueblue getting the hostelblues……

i know, normally i post about places i have been, how amazing they were, number x on the list of unesco world heritage sites already visited (yes i know i still owe that list and also as a teaser.. i intend to make a list with of the cities visited rated by meters in altitude by habitant ha ha – so beware of the sue devil).

anyway, me as a ‘non-traveller’ i had to learn during this trip that if you book a bed in a dorm, it doesn’t mean there are only girls but it is completely normal to mix… (unlike jugi’s back at home – not only by the looks)


hmmm astonished at the start i figured out it is not so bad and it doesn’t mean that men necessarily snore and women not. what a surprising fact – because the guy in San Pedro did not snore but the lady in Salta is sawing down trees all night! so what in San Pedro de Atamacama i was really surprised to find a man in ‘my’ room but he turned out to be a really nice guy (well i better write this as he may read my blog… ha ha) no no he was a cool room mate – we even got on a tour together to the allegedly absoultely amazing geysers in the Atacama desert…. unfortunately both of us found them really dull. but i will write a separate one about this trip as it was really memorable!

back to the sueblues…. well 1 bathroom for all the girls in one hostel is really little and needed good timing – which i mostly got right. in fact there was a ‘jack wolfskin woman’ …. we suspected here to be german 😉  who gave me a nasty look once i came out of the bathroom – but sorry not my fault.  she waited exactly on that day that i was doing the ‘fulll service’ – after i was 3 days in the desert and climbed a vulcano on the 4th day 🙂

more irritating was that the guy who runs the hostel kept saying we should keep the place clean, should clean up the kitchen ha ha – what a geek! so what,  that night my room mate and i cooked together – he was in charge of the steaks from the carniceria and i made röschti whith chilean potatoes which turned out to be most suitable for röschti.. yummy  let’s not talk too much about it …… realizing that i had steak WITHOUT that potato treat tonight.

then next place again…. mixed dorm with a guy pierced – you don’t want to know where. However as i pay only USD 15.00 per night most probably that is normal – and to be honest he seems to be a nice guy behind this metallic decoration. also interesting what kind of music they play in these hostels or is it the radio station they chose. here it is totally 80ties…. or eve older. ‘words’… don’t come easy’, ‘you’…. from ten sharp and i already forgot what played earlier… feels like being thrown back to my teenage and pre-teenage years 🙂

Nevertheless besides the piercings also the infrastructure of this hostel in Salta didn’t really struck my heart. So i booked a car and tomorrow i will drive off to Cafayate a bit further south to discover the vineyards, a national park as well as the Hess bodega Colomé which includes a museum incl. a permanent exhibition of 6 works of James Turrell. Having said that i will also enjoy a room for myself in a boutique hotel within the vineyards – yessssssssssssss

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